Meet the Board Members

Kristen Hilkey - Chairperson – Kristen Hilkey graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Arts in 1994 and began her career in the criminal justice system in 1995, starting at the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office.  She served in many capacities at the Sheriff’ Office including human resources and mid-level management before eventually becoming the director of contract and inmate services.  In 2004, she moved to the Western Slope and joined the Grand Junction Police Department as their public information officer.  Due to her passion for working with people involved in the criminal justice system, she left the police department and joined the Colorado Judicial Branch in 2005 and became a probation supervisor in 2006.  She has worked as a probation officer and supervisor in both a rural and urban settings, serving in the 21st, the 4th and the 1st Judicial Districts. Kristen was appointed to the Colorado Board of Parole as a law enforcement representative by Governor Hickenlooper in August 2018 and she was confirmed by the Senate Judiciary Committee under Governor Polis to serve until June of 2021.

Kristen has had the opportunity to attend Northwestern University in their School of Police Staff and Command, is a trainer of the Standard Offender Assessment – Revised (SOA-R) and currently sits on the Commission for Crime and Juvenile Justice (CCJJ).  She has a passion for those in the criminal justice system and wants to balance public safety with the belief that people can change and deserve second chances.

Chad Dilworth M.A. - Vice Chairperson – Chad Dilworth was appointed to the Board of Parole by Governor Polis in 2019. He received an M.A. in Forensic Psychology from the University of Denver in 2005, and has worked in a variety of roles in the criminal justice system. He began his law enforcement career working as a Deputy Sheriff in Jefferson County and as a Parole Officer for the State of Colorado. Mr. Dilworth later moved to a role with the Colorado Department of Public Safety in the Division of Criminal Justice as an Implementation Specialist. In this role he worked with criminal justice agencies around the state helping staff in Parole, Probation, Community Corrections, and DOC Institutions implement best practices in quality assessment and supervision with justice involved clients. Prior to coming to the Parole Board, Mr. Dilworth worked as an Administrator for Boulder County overseeing the Boulder County Juvenile Assessment and Detention Center, the Juvenile and Adult Pretrial Supervision units, and the adult jail Bond Commissioner Assessment unit. Mr. Dilworth currently serves as the Vice Chair and as a citizen representative on the Colorado State Board of Parole.

Denise Balazic – Denise Balazic was appointed by Governor Hickenlooper in 2011 to serve a three-year term on the Board of Parole.  Ms. Balazic was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and attended Southern Illinois University graduating with a B.S. in Administration of Justice.  Ms. Balazic worked for the Missouri Department of Corrections for the majority of her career.  She has extensive experience as a Probation and Parole Officer, Addiction Counselor and leadership and management trainer.  Prior to her appointment to the Parole Board, Ms. Balazic worked as a Program Specialist with the National Institute of Corrections providing technical assistance, leadership facilitation and strategic planning sessions for justice-involved organizations throughout the U.S.  Ms. Balazic serves as a former parole officer on the Colorado State Board of Parole.

Joe Morales – Joe Morales, a career law enforcement professional, was appointed by Governor Hickenlooper in 2013 to serve a three-year term on the Board of Parole. On September 17, 2015, Mr. Morales was then appointed to serve as the Chairperson for the Board of Parole.  Mr. Morales served in the Summit County Sheriff’s Office for 24 years, 12 years as the three-term elected Sheriff of Summit County.  In 2003, at the end of his third term as sheriff, he was appointed by Governor Bill Owens to serve as the Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Public Safety and as his Homeland Security Advisor (HAS).  Mr. Morales was then recruited by DoS to serve in Afghanistan for the next three years as an Executive Mentor in Kabul at the Ministry of Interior for Security.  Mr. Morales was also a mentor in the Regional Command West in western Afghanistan.  The next two and one-half years in Amman Jordan as a Tactical Operations Team Advisor assisting to develop National Security Forces in the region, which was a joint DoD/DoS project.  Mr. Morales was elected in 1999 as president of the County Sheriffs of Colorado, was appointed in 1999 to the Colorado POST Board by Governor Owens, and served with AG Ken Salazar and AG John Suthers on the POST Board from 1999 to 2007.  Mr. Morales graduated the FBI LEED Academy, Kennedy School of Government, numerous law enforcement and leadership training programs and has over 28 years of law enforcement service.  Mr. Morales serves as a former law enforcement officer on the Board of Parole.

Alfredo Pena Alfredo Pena was appointed to the Board of Parole by Governor Hickenlooper in 2012.  Mr. Pena received a B.B.A. in finance from the University of Texas, and attained a Juris Doctorate from the University of Denver College of Law.  Prior to his appointment to the Parole Board, Mr. Pena established and maintained a private law practice emphasizing civil, criminal, and administrative trial representation before Federal and State courts.  Mr. Pena has membership in and is President of numerous professional, social, civic, and non-profit organizations.  Mr. Pena is fluent in Spanish and serves as a citizen member of the Colorado State Board of Parole.

Dr. Brandon Mathews, D.M. Dr. Brandon Mathews was appointed to the Board in September 2016 by Governor Hickenlooper, filling the remainder of a vacant appointment. He was reappointed by Governor Hickenlooper in June 2017 to begin a full three-year term. Dr. Mathews is both an experienced criminal justice practitioner and researcher with expertise in carceral systems, structured decision-making, leadership and correctional culture. He has experience in community and institutional corrections, most recently having led residential community correctional facilities  specialty substance abuse and dual-diagnosis treatment programs. His academic experience includes teaching at the doctoral, graduate, and undergraduate levels at several universities and conducting research. Dr. Mathews also enjoys giving back to the corrections field by providing training to paroling authorities on decision-making and delivering addresses and workshops to organizations across the U.S., including the American Probation and Parole Association, the Correctional Education Association, and the American Correctional Association.

Michelle Geng -  Michelle Geng was appointed to the Board of Parole by Governor Polis in 2019.  She has a background in child protective services and spent the last decade working within the criminal justice system, first as a probation officer and then at the Department of Public Safety working on policy issues related to the management of adults convicted of sexual offenses.  Ms. Geng recently won an Innovation in Criminal Justice Award and the 2019 Productivity Award related to her policy work.  Ms. Geng also offers experience in process and outcome program evaluation as well as developing evaluation designs and strategies.  Ms. Geng earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Oklahoma and her Master’s degree from the University of Texas at Arlington.  Ms. Geng serves as a citizen representative on the Colorado State Board of Parole.

Jason Guidry, M.A., LPCJason Guidry was appointed to the Board of Parole by Governor Polis in 2019.  Born and raised in Houston, Texas, he began his undergraduate at the University of Texas at Austin before moving to Colorado where he completed his B.A. in Sociology and receiving Department Honors at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.  Mr. Guidry received his M.A. in Counseling from Regis University with Graduate Honors.  He began working with the Colorado Department of Corrections in 2011 as a Mental Health therapist at the Sterling Correctional Facility as the primary therapist to clients in Protective Custody.  He has also worked at the Denver Reception and Diagnostic Center completing mental health assessments for all new arrivals to the Department of Corrections. His primary expertise has been providing mental health and offense specific treatment to the female population at Denver Women’s Correctional Facility.  Mr. Guidry has held several positions with Sex Offender Treatment and Monitoring Program (SOTMP) including Treatment Provider, Victim Liaison, Support Education and as the Denver Complex Program Coordinator.  In 2015, Mr. Guidry received the SOTMP Leadership award and was awarded SOTMP Supervisor of the Year in 2017.  Mr. Guidry has specialized training in Trauma, Honoring Victims Voice in Treatment, Motivational Interviewing, and completing Metropolitan State University of Denver’s “Colorado Victim Assistance Academy.”

Darlene Alcala - Darlene Alcala has been appointed by Governor Polis in 2019 to serve a three-year term on the Board of Parole.  Ms. Alcala was born and raised in Pueblo, Colorado.  She has 32 years Law Enforcement and Corrections background, for the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office, she is a graduate of Northwestern University Center for Public Safety Police and Command.  As a Jail Administrator, she has experience in Policy, Management, Leadership, Addiction Treatment, and Offender Re-Entry programs.  Ms. Alcala serves as a citizen representative on the Colorado State Board of Parole.