Town Resolutions


Reso No. Description
2020-01 Designation of Newspaper & Posting Places
2020-02 Construction of Storage Building
2020-03 1st Street Beautification
2020-04 Non-Motorized Trail Plan
2020-05 Emergent Investment Partners SUR
2020-06 Emergent Investment Partners SUR
2020-07 RFSC, LLC SUR
2020-08 Parachute Island Park GCFMLD
2020-09 Fishing is Fun CPW
2020-10 T&T Agreement
2020-11 Election Cancellation & Officers Elected
2020-12 Battlement Mesa Annexation
2020-13 BM Annexation Withdraw
2020-14 Emergency Declaration
2020-15 Emergency Electronic Meeting Policy
Reso. No. 2019-01 Posting Place Designation
Reso. No. 2019-02 Grant for Security Access Control Sysytem Installation
Reso. No 2019-03 AGNC Bicycle Racks Grant
Reso. No. 2019-04 REDI Co-Working Space Grant
Reso. No. 2019-05 GCFMLD Dog Park Rest Area Grant
Reso. No. 2019-06 GCFMLD Spalsh Pad II Grant
Reso. No. 2019-07 3 Mile Plan
Reso. No. 2019-08 Divisional Solutions Retail Marijuana License
Reso. No. 2019-09 Emergent Special Use Review
Reso. No. 2019-10 Community Solar Services Agreement
Reso. No. 2019-11 Urban Farms MJ Cultivation
Reso. No. 2019-12 Supplemental Appropriation
Reso. No. 2019-13 AGNC Support Resolution
Reso. No. 2019-14 PDC Special Use Review
Reso. No. 2019-15 Rader Special Use Review
Reso. No. 2019-16 Splash Pad Phase II
Reso. No. 2019-17 Cottonwood Park Equipment
Reso. No. 2019-18 Jet Truck Acquisition
Reso. No. 2019-19 Trails Plan
Reso. No. 2019-20 Trails Plan
Reso. No. 2019-21 123 Hill Ct - SUR
Reso. No. 2019-22 Supplemental Appropriations
Reso. No. 2019-23 Mill Levy Certification
Reso. No. 2019-24 Budget Adoption
Reso. No. 2019-25 Appropriation
Reso. No. 2018-01 Public Posting Designation
Reso. No. 2018-02 Election
Reso. No. 2018-03 3 Mile Plan
Reso. No. 2018-04 JWT annex petition
Reso. No. 2018-05 KOPJE annex petition
Reso. No. 2018-06 Sun Western
Reso. No. 2018-07 Police Chief contract
Reso. No. 2018-08 USDA Revolving Loan
Reso. No. 2018-09 Splash Pad
Reso. No. 2018-10 Movies in the park
Reso. No. 2018-11 Rifle animal shelter contract
Reso. No. 2018-12 Emergent 2
Reso. No. 2018-13 Mountain Managers II
Reso. No. 2018-14 Cancelling election/appointing trustees
Reso. No. 2018-15 FMLD Parachute Landing
Reso. No. 2018-16 DOLA Diamond Ave
Reso. No. 2018-17 FMLD Diamond Ave
Reso. No. 2018-18 JWT Annexation
Reso. No. 2018-19 JWT Annexation Agreenment
Reso. No. 2018-20 Kopje Annex 
Reso. No. 2018-21 Kopje Annexation Agreement
Reso. No. 2018-22 Grand River Hotel Liquor License
Reso. No. 2018-23 Microgrid SUR
Reso. No. 2018-24 Employee Handbook
Reso. No. 2018-25 Dependable Waste Services
Reso. No. 2018-26 JWT Annexation Agreenment
Reso. No. 2018-27 Kopje Annexation Agreement
Reso. No. 2018-28 Boat Ramp License  
Reso. No. 2018-29 Martin Paving Construction
Reso. No. 2018-30 Water Splash Pad Grant
Reso. No. 2018-31 Police Vehicle Grant
Reso. No. 2018-32 Supplemental Appropriations
Reso. No. 2018-33 Hazard Mitigation Plan
Reso. No. 2018-34 Coordinated Election
Reso. No. 2018-35 Town Manager Contract
Reso. No. 2018-36 School Resource Officer IGA
Reso. No. 2018-37 Water Tank Bid Award & Contract
Reso. No. 2018-38 Engineering Services Bid Award & Contract
Reso. No. 2018-39 Proposition 112
Reso. No. 2018-40 Amendment 74
Reso. No. 2018-41 Building Inspectios & Plan Review Bid Award
Reso. No. 2018-42 Supplemental Appropriation
Reso. No. 2018-43 Wastewater Loan from General Fund
Reso. No. 2018-44 Splash Pad GoCo Grant
Reso. No. 2018-45 Dola Grant Dump Truck Acquisition
Reso. No. 2018-46 Supplemental Appropriations - Several Funds
Reso. No. 2018-47 Mill Levy Certification
Reso. No. 2018-48 Adopting Resolution
Reso. No. 2018-49 Appropriating Resolution
Reso. No. 2018-50 Underground Damage Safety Program Delegation