Our Community


The Town of Parachute, along with the Battlement Mesa community is a small community of approximately 1,500 people located halfway between Grand Junction and Glenwood Springs, Colorado on I-70, North of the Colorado River. It is a community serviced by two railroads. Access to the railroads and the Interstate make Parachute a prime place to conduct business if you need to ship large volumes of materials.


We have 300 days of sunshine per year making this area prime for development of the solar related industry.


After enduring the booms and surviving the busts, Parachute has grown into a thriving community of quiet residential neighborhoods with supporting businesses and services. Even in these hard economic times, Parachute and Battlement Mesa residents have need of more dining opportunities, recreational activities, professional services, laundry and grocery services, and a wide variety of specialty services. We have ample commercial property available to support these businesses and welcome any inquiries.