2016 Ordinance Number Ordinance Description
ORD 710-2016 Measurements between Marijuana Establishments
ORD 709-2016 Unlawful Loitering
ORD 708-2016 Marijuana License Renewal Process
ORD NO. 707-2016 VOID
ORD NO. 706-2016 Ballot Question RE Board of Trustees Term Limit
ORD NO. 705-2016 Code Publishing & Corrections to Code
ORD NO. 704-2016 Title 15 Schedule of Uses
ORD NO. 703-2016 Marijuana Establishments Hours of Operation
ORD NO. 702-2016 Ballot Question SB - 152
ORD NO. 701-2016 Ballot Question Excise Tax Marijuana
ORD NO. 700-2016 Noxious Weed Advisory Board
ORD NO. 699-2016 Off Highway Vehicles
ORD NO. 698-2016 VOID
ORD NO. 697-2016 VOID
ORD NO. 696-2016 Temporary Vendors
ORD NO. 695-2016 Water Rate Changes
ORD NO. 694-2016 Uses Permitted in Zone Districts Marijuana
ORD NO. 693-2016 Licensing to Regulate Medical Marijuana
ORD NO. 692-2016 Review Criteria & Co Location of Licenses
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