Thank you for your interest in using one of the Town of Parachute’s parks! Please review prices and rules before requesting a reservation. After requesting a reservation, you will receive a follow up email with confirmation of date availability and payment options.

Facility Duration Resident Rate Non-Resident Rate
Cottonwood Park      
     Pavilion 2 Hours $25.00 $40.00
     Grill ( add-on to Pavillion) Flat Rate $25.00 $25.00
     Open Grass Field 2 Hours $25.00 $40.00
     Basketball Court     2 Hours $25.00 $40.00
     *Rental Deposit (refundable after inspection)   $100.00 $100.00
Beasley Park      
     Pavilion and Grounds 2 Hours $25.00 $40.00
     *Rental Deposit (refundable after inspection)   $100.00 $100.00
McKay - Wasson Property      
     Pavilion and Grounds 2 Hours $25.00 $40.00
     *Rental Deposit (refundable after inspection)   $100.00 $100.00


  1. NO GLASS CONTAINERS. If you would like to have beer at your event, a Limited Open Container waiver must be requested and may be approved upon review of your application by the Town Manager and/or Town Clerk.  This waiver will need to be posted in plain sight at your event.
  2. TRASH CLEAN-UP is MANDATORY for the return of your deposit.  The Town has supplied garbage bags within the trash cans. Trash cans MUST BE emptied into the large dumpster that is available onsite. DO NOT leave bags on the ground for animals to get into.
  3. MUSIC is allowed, but should be turned down to a reasonable volume after 9:00 pm. Please be respectful of the surrounding homes. 
  4. PLEASE DO NOT park or drive vehicles or trailers on the grass area or sidewalks.  If you want to put a trailer,bandstand on the basketball court, or bounce houses, please ask for special accomodations.
  5. If you rent the grill, you will need to provide your own propane tank.
  6. If you move the tables around, please put them back.

If you encounter any problems with the park, please contact the Public Works Department at 285-7630 (Mon-Thu) or through non-emergency dispatch (970) 625-8095 (weekends or after hours).

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