Finance Department

Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Department is composed of four divisions that perform general finance functions, human resources administration, utility billing, and IT. This department provides support to the Town Manager and Town Board in matters relating to financial issues, policy and strategic planning.

Lynn Stroud, Finance Clerk

Finance Administration

  • Overall management of the Finance Department
  • Fiscal policy development
  • Debt Management
  • Special improvement and development financing
  • Grants development
  • Cash management
  • Manages the Town's investment portfolio
  • Manages the Town’s budget process
  • Develops the annual budget (Click Here for 2016 Adopted Budget)
    • (Click Here for Past  Year Adopted Budgets)
  • Develops Town of Parachute Schedule of Fees pdf file
  • View Monthly Expenditures

Accounting Division

Utility Billing Division

  • Manages utility billing accounts
  • Processes monthly utility bills and payments

Human Resources Division

  • Provides recruitment and employment opportunities for the Town
  • Coordinates Classification and Compensation of Employees
  • Administers the Employee Benefits package
  • Provides training and safety training for all employees
  • Volunteer Opportunities