Court Process

Court Processes

Advisement of Rights

Prior to court beginning, if it is your first appearance in court on this summons, you will need to read and sign an advisement of your rights. You will give this to the Court Clerk, with your name to check into court. If you are appearing for a follow up or trial you do not need to fill out another advisement form, give your name to the clerk. You may take a seat in the courtroom. Please turn off your cell phones. No beverages are allowed in the courtroom.


The judge begins each court session with a general advisement of rights for the defendants. When your name is called, you will come forward and take a seat at the table in front of the judge. The judge will ask you how you plead to the charges indicated on your summons. You may enter one of the following pleas:

Guilty Plea
A guilty plea indicates that you admit guilt and do not wish to contest the charges against you. The judge will provide you with an opportunity to explain the circumstances concerning the charges. A guilty plea must be made intelligently and voluntarily, not as the result of any threats, coercion, or promises of leniency.

Nolo Contendere
A plea of Nolo Contendere (no contest) indicates that you do not admit that you are guilty, but that you will not contest the charges. The plea has the same legal effect as a guilty plea as far as all proceedings on the charges, including sentencing. The judge will provide you with the opportunity to explain the circumstances concerning the charges.

Not Guilty
A plea of not guilty indicates that you contest the charges and/or that you are requiring the Town to prove the charges against you. Upon a not guilty plea, the matter will be set for trial and the Town Attorney will be required to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If you fail to appear for a scheduled trial, a Benc Warrant may be issued for your arrest and an additional charge for failure to appear in court may be filed against you.

Defendant Obligations

You have an obligation to the court to appear promptly and in a timely fashion and to maintain yourself in a quiet and orderly manner in the courtroom. This applies to any person or persons who accompany you. 

Contact Information

Please contact the Municipal Court Clerk in advance of the first Monday of the month if you have a pending court matter to ensure you appear at the right day and time. To contact, please email the Municipal Court or call (970) 285-7630.