Community Development


The Community Development Department is located at 222 Grand Valley Way. We are open Monday to Thursday 7:00 AM -5:00 PM.

Building Division

The building divsion is responsible for the permitting and inspection of all construction within the Town.  This responsibility is handled by Safe Built, and coordinated with the community development office. 

  • Please remember to check to see if your project requires a permit prior to commencing work. Failure to do so, may incur penalties and higher permitting costs.
  • The Building Division works with SafeBuilt (Click Here) for SafeBuilt Guides to streamline process

Planning and Development Division

The planning and development division handles all projects related to new and future development.

  • The Town is currently in the process of revising its master planning document, the Comprehensive Plan. For more information please click on our division link.

Applications and Documents

    The Town currently has adopted the International Building Code (IRC) Revision 2003

 Adopted Version of the IRC 2003