• Information to include on the PAW:

    •  Schedule Number

    • Organization ID and Name

    • Employee SSN and Name (if sending PAW by fax, please write full SSN)

    • Refund GTN(s) and Amount(s)

    • Reason

    • “Prepared By” Signature and Date (“Approved By” is for Central Payroll)

    • Please write the reason you are requesting a refund on the PAW. If the refund amount is based on one of Yohannes’ benefits reconciliations, be sure to include the month of the reconciliation (ex: Dental paid on M02 and on 902 CHOP; see February benefits reconciliation). 

    • The schedule number on the PAW should be the schedule that you want the refund to appear on. Generally, refunds are included with the employee’s next paycheck, unless otherwise requested. 

    • If the refund is for a deduction to an incorrect GTN and a one-time deduction to the correct GTN is needed, the one-time can be included on the refund request.  Please be sure to indicate if it is a “+” or an “R” for the one-time deduction.

PERA – GTNs 002, 003, 010, 016

  • Any refunds of these GTNs must be accompanied by a PERA spreadsheet; please send the spreadsheet with the PAW. If you want to email the spreadsheet, please email it to

  • If the refund covers multiple payrolls, please use a separate line for each payroll amount on the PERA spreadsheet. These amounts can be combined on the PAW.

  •  Any PERA one-times must be entered by Central Payroll. Write them on the PAW along with the refund.

Situation 1: Employee was incorrectly coded as a PERA Retiree. 

  • Refund: GTN 010 for time period affected.
  • One-times: GTN 002 for 8% of retirement gross for time period affected, GTN 003 for amount of GTN 010 refunded.

 Situation 2: Employee is not coded as a PERA Retiree, but should be.

  • Refund: GTNs 002 and 003 for time period after retirement date.
  • One-times: GTN 010 for amount of GTN 003 refunded.

 Situation 3 (Colleges only): Student employee was coded incorrectly; PERA was taken from pay.

  • Refund: GTNs 002, 003, 016 for time period affected.

PERA Life Insurance – GTN 059

This GTN cannot be refunded. If the employee has overpaid, contact the PERA Life provider, UNUM Provident, at 1-866-277-1649 to ask about a direct refund.

Life Insurance – GTNs 241-244

As stated in the letter from Standard Insurance, the AD&D portion of the premium is not refundable.  The AD&D amount for Basic Life (GTN 244) is $0.90 per month and the AD&D amount for Optional Life (GTNs 241-243) is $0.02 per $1,000.00 of coverage per month (for example $2.00 for $100,000.00).  Please deduct these amounts from the total premium paid when submitting a refund request for Life Insurance Waiver of Premiums.

Health, Life and Dental Insurances and Flex Spending Plans – GTNs 201-248

If an employee was incorrectly charged for insurances after termination, please remember to request refunds for both employee and state shares.

Final approval of these refunds is given by Yohannes Teshineh, based on his benefits reconciliations. 

Year-end Processing:

Once W-2s run in January, Central Payroll cannot refund these prior year items: 457, 401k, 401a, federal tax, state tax, and local tax. 

Any refunds of prior year pre-tax items will result in issuance of a W-2C.

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