Procurement Training

The State Purchasing and Contracts Office (SPCO) offers free training on a range of topics for the procurement community. All upcoming training will be announced on this page, with a registration link. In addition, any procurement resources that are developed can be accessed here.

Upcoming Training Opportunities

Statutory Violations Prevention Contract Drafting Boot Camp Controller Pre-Delegation Training
1525 Sherman St, Denver, Room 104 1525 Sherman St, Denver, Room 104 1525 Sherman St, Denver, Room 305
4-19-19 3:00-4:00 Register 6-14-19 9:00-4:00 Register 4-12-19 1:00-4:00 Register
5-17-19 2:30-3:30 Register       5-24-19 1:00-4:00 Register

Procurement Knowledge Grid

Procurement knowledge spans many topics, which are listed by category in the grid below. SPCO plans to provide training in these areas. 

Delegation Procurement Fundamentals Solicitation & Award Commitment Documents Contract Management Vendor Training

Controller Delegation

Purchasing Delegation

Procurement Resources

Ethics & Communication

Methods of Source Selection

Planning & Research

Preferences & Set Asides

Commercial Card

Procurement Writing

Invitation for Bid

Documented Quotes

Request for Proposal

Administrative Remedies


Pricing/ Payment Structures


Vendor Agreements

PO Terms & Conditions

Contract Provisions

Indemnification & Limitations of Liability

Contract Management System

Successful Contract Management

Statutory Violation Prevention

How to Do Business with the State

Colorado VSS (Vendor Self-Service)

Vendor Rights & Responsibilities

For more information contact
Aaron Aldrich
(303) 866-3662