Central Management Unit

Q:  My vendor is on hold and I am unable to process any documents for my vendor.

A:  Open the vendor record through VCUST and scroll down to the Disbursement Options tab. In the Hold Reason field you will find an explanation as to why the record is on hold. Please go to the CMU page (click link above)page and review the Remove Vendor Hold process to identify what you will need to submit to the CMU to activate the record. If you have further questions you can contact Central Managment Unit at state_centralapproval@state.co.us.


Q: My vendor is on hold because it did not match the IRS. What do I need to do to get the vendor released?

A:  Ask the vendor for a new W9, and tell them that the legal name and/or the EIN that they provided does not match the IRS. If they say the W9 is correct then the CMU will need a copy of the vendor's SS-4 form from the IRS, or a 147C verification letter from the IRS so that we can verify the correct legal name and EIN. SSN documentation can be requested from the Social Secutiy Administration.

Central Payroll Services

Q: Where do I serve a garnishment for a state employee (not higher education)

A: Office of the State Controller – Central Payroll  1525 Sherman Street, Denver, CO 80202. Garnishments can be received by the reception desk on the 5th floor.