Keep Jobs in Colorado (H.B. 13-1292) Notice

This webpage is for posting vendor notifications and to comply with C.R.S. 24-102-206 regarding contract performance outside the United States or the State of Colorado.  As required by the Colorado Revised Statutes, notices are posted for six months.  If notices are not posted below, it is because no new notices have been received.  Please send all notices to

Agency / Vendor

Type of Service


Date Posted 
DNR / Ducks Unlimited Waterfowl habitat conservation Attachment 3/17/2020
CCCS / Symbiosis Educational Consultants Online course development Attachment 3/12/2020
CCCS / Ansr Source Content Online course development Attachment 3/12/2020
CCCS / Full Tilt Ahead LLC Online course development Attachment 3/12/2020
DNR / Trout Unlimited Financial Attachment 2/5/2020
DNR / Ecology and Environment, Inc. GIS Attachment 2/5/2020
DPA / Westwater Research LLC Reports Attachment 1/23/2020
CDE / WestEd Research and Evaluation Attachment 1/23/2020
DNR / Ducks Unlimited Projects Attachment 1/2/2020
DNR / Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. Construction Attachment 1/2/2020
DNR / Aero Tech, LLC Helicopter inventory Attachment 1/2/2020
DNR / Wood Environment & Infrastructure Svcs Financial Attachment 1/2/2020
DNR / Horizontal Environmental Services, Inc Mining reclamation Attachment 1/2/2020
DNR / Resilient Technical Attachment 1/2/2020
DNR / University of AZ Scientific research Attachment 1/2/2020
DNR / MCCi Software support, customization Attachment 1/2/2020
DNR / Nebraska Community Foundation Financial Attachment 1/2/2020
DNR / Quantum Spatial Financial Attachment 1/2/2020
DNR / Geosyntec (1 of 2) Air permitting and modeling Attachment 1/2/2020
DNR / Geosyntec (2 of 2) Air permitting and modeling Attachment 1/2/2020
CDE / Arisant IT services Attachment 1/2/2020
DNR-CPW / Billboard Source Advertising/billboards Attachment 12/31/2019
DNR-CWCB / Nature Conservancy Financial and professional services Attachment 12/30/2019
DNR / Ranch Management Consultants Personal Services Attachment 12/30/2019
CDPS / GCR Inc. FEMA public assistance closeout work Attachment 12/5/2019
CDPS / Carlisle Thompson, LLC Technical assistant Attachment 12/5/2019
DNR-CPW / Lowes Payroll/Corporate office Attachment 12/5/2019
CDPS / The Urban Institute Research, data analysis, consulting Attachment 11/21/2019
DNR-CPW / Children & Nature Network Product development and design Attachment 11/21/2019
DNR-CPW / National Conservation Law Enforcement Foundation Research study Attachment 10/31/2019
DNR-CPW / Intermountain Lock and Supply Locksmith services Attachment 10/28/2019
OIT / Synadapt Development, testing, training, customer support Attachment 10/10/2019
DNR-CPW / Miles Partnership Advertising Attachment 10/10/2019
DNR-CPW / MBC Broadcasting Advertising Attachment 10/10/2019
DNR-CPW / TELONICS INC Transmitter refurbishing Attachment 9/26/2019
DNR-CPW / Regents of the UC Riverside Analysis of fish tissues Attachment 9/26/2019
Colorado Department of Education / CTS, LLC Software development, hosting, and maintenance Attachment 9/26/2019
DNR-CPW / Good Sam Enterprises Printing Attachment 8/15/2019
DNR-CPW / NOVOGENE Corporation Inc. RNA QC, Library prep, Sequencing, and Analysis Attachment 8/15/2019
DNR-CPW / Tidal Marine Construction Inc. Bookkeeping, payroll, mobilization Attachment 8/15/2019
Colorado Community College System / Education Northwest Software Development Attachment 7/16/2019
DNR-CPW / Amplex Fulfillment of Federal Duck Stamps Attachment 7/16/2019