Direct Deposits

Q.  How do I pay get a bank added to CPPS?

A.  To get a bank added to CPPS, simply fax a copy of the direct deposit form that your employee completed including the copy of the "voided' check to Central Payroll at (303) 866-4138. Once it has been added a notification will be sent to you.

Q.  How do I add an additional direct deposit?

A.  To set up additional direct deposits:

Employees may have up to 5 additional direct deposits.

To set up the additional direct deposits go into system 01, screen 023-Direct Deposit Screen

Under Additional Direct Deposit Data the required fields are:

GTN ELMT - this field requires a GTN to be entered so that the additional direct deposit will be deducted from the employee's pay. The valid GTN's for additional direct deposit are: 181 through 185.

DESC CODE - this identifies what will print on the pay advice, i.e. checking, savings, credit union... The valid fields are:


X-Christmas Club



U-Credit Union



TRANSIT NUMBER - this is the transit routing number for the receiving financial institution that the employee has selected. If an employee gives you a deposit slip that has a routing number starting with a "5", this is the internal routing number for the bank and cannot be used. Please refer to the bank table for the correct routing number.

ACCOUNT NUMBER - this is the account number that coincides with the routing number to designate the correct account to which pay is being deposited.

ACCT TYPE - this tells what type of account the direct deposit is going to. The valid choices are:

C-for checking

S-for savings accounts

L-for loan accounts-the "L" designation cannot be used for Credit Union of Colorado; it will mess up their internal processes.

AMOUNT OR PERCENT - this indicates how much is being direct deposited. Input a number for either a flat dollar amount or percentage. If it is a percentage, tab once after the number and input a "Y" in this field. If left blank, the flat dollar amount will be taken.

START DATE - this indicates the start date for when the pay will be direct deposited into the account chosen. Normally, this should be left blank so the ACH (Automated Clearing House) system can use the pre-notification period required (14 days). This will create a "prenote" slip after payroll has run that you should send to the employee to verify for accuracy.

When entering a bank transit number and the system highlights the transit number, first make sure it is not the internal routing number. If it is not, it is possible that the bank is not set up in CPPS. If this is the case, please contact the direct deposit desk (303-866-5805) at Central Payroll so that the bank can be set up. Often a fax (303-866-4138) with the voided check or deposit slip is all that is needed so that we can set-up the bank in CPPS.

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