Direct Deposit FAQ

Q: How long do I have to submit a Direct Deposit Delete form to Central Payroll?

A: You can submit a DD Delete form up to two business days before payday.


Q: How long does it take to cancel a direct deposit in CPPS after the bank has deleted the deposit?

A: Cancels for monthly employees will be cancelled on the next available monthly schedule, unless the 9xx payroll has not yet been processed, then it will be processed on the 9xx payroll. Biweekly employees will be processed on the next available biweekly schedule. 


Q: How many direct deposit accounts can an employee have deposits go into?

A: One main account and five additional accounts.


Q: Will I receive a confirmation that the direct deposit delete has been processed?

A: Once the bank confirms that the direct deposit has been deleted, Central Payroll will email a confirmation that this has been processed and on what payroll the cancel will be processed on.


Q: Do I have a request a CHOP is the employee bank account has been closed?

A: You do not have to request a CHOP if the employee's bank account was closed. Once you check that box as an option on the form, it will trigger Central Payroll to recognized that a hand drawn check will have to be printed and sent to the agency via black bag.

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