Central Contracts Unit (CCU)


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The Office of the State Controller receives its authority over contracts pursuant to CRS §24-30-202, which, amongst other things, sets forth certain disbursement, contract and payment requirements, the requirement that expenditure contracts be approved by the State Controller or his delegate to be valid and the State Controller’s authority to create Fiscal Rules to carry out his duties. Obligations that violate the Controller’s statute are not binding against the State and any person involved in ordering/incurring the obligation can be held jointly and severally liable for it.


The Central Contracts Unit (CCU) is responsible for:

  • Processing contracts for non-delegated agencies/institutions of higher education (IHEs)

  • Processing high risk contracts for all agencies/IHEs

  • Processing statutory violations

  • Processing requests for Fiscal Rule waivers for FRs 2-2 and 3-1

  • Creating state model contracts & state purchase order terms & conditions

  • Approving agency/IHE specific contract templates

  • Pre-reviewing contracts and/or changed provisions

  • Delegating State Controller contract signature

  • Maintaining a record of Executive Director contract signature delegations

  • Monitoring the performance of delegated agencies/IHEs

  • Contract training

  • Contract Management System (CMS) day-to-day user issues and vendor support

The CCU works with all Central Approvers (State Purchasing Office, Human Resources, Attorney General’s Office, Office of the State Architect, Risk Management and Office of Information Technology) to ensure that contracts comply with all laws, rules and regulations.


Templates & Tools


Contract/Grant Forms

Fiscal Rules

State Special Provisions

Contract Policies

Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

Procurement Manual & Other Guidance

Statutory Violations Contract Related Employment Laws

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Colorado Contract Improvement Team (CCIT)

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Contract Management System (CMS)

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