CHOP Requests

Make sure that the CHOP request will fit the CHOP Policy.

CHOP Request Form

Use Check-It-Out in CPPS to calculate gross and net pay amounts and deductions.

Check-It-Out assumes that the check is for the employee’s regular deduction cycle, regardless of the schedule used. Delete any optional deductions that you do not want taken on the CHOP (PERA or State DC Plan and Medicare must be taken on every CHOP).

The CHOP Request form must be completed and faxed to Central Payroll at 303-866-4138. This form cannot be emailed, as it requires an authorized signature in order to process.

 Completing the Form; Fields listed from top to bottom

·  Organization I.D.

  • Enter your 3-letter Org ID (ex: AAA)

·  Organization Name

  • Enter your agency name (ex: Personnel & Administration)

·  Authorized Signature/Date

  • Must have authorized person in your department review, sign, and date the request.

·  Employee I.D.

  • Employee ID number (SSN until 12/24/07, then Employee ID number)

·  Employee Name

  • Employee’s Last Name, First Name

·  Pay Cycle

  • Please circle appropriate letter to indicate whether the employee is Monthly or Bi-weekly

·  Schedule and Batch #

  • Leave blank; Central Payroll will complete

·  Check Number

  • Leave blank; Central Payroll will complete

·  Check Date

  • Date desired on check. This date cannot be earlier than the pay end date. If the CHOP is for pay that should have been included on a payroll that has already been processed but not paid out yet, use that payroll’s pay date.

·  Pay End Date

  • Pay period end date. If paying the employee for multiple pay periods, use the last one (ex: paying for 9/28/07 and 10/12/07, use 10/12/07 as the Pay End Date)

·  Gross Pay

  • Enter Gross Pay from Check-It-Out

·  Net Pay

  • Enter Net Pay from Check-It-Out

·  Prepared By, Phone #

  • Enter your name and phone number, so that Central Payroll can contact you with any questions about the request.

·  Earnings Type

  • Input the type of pay in the Earnings Type field
    • Ex: REG, XTR, SH2, OTP etc.

·  Time

  • Input the number of hours worked; this is not necessary for certain Earnings types (ex: XTR, HOU, BEN, etc.)  
  • If you are reducing hours, enter a minus sign in the +/- column.

·  Hourly Rate, Gross Amount

  • Input the hourly rate or the gross amount. Both are not required.
  • If you are reducing pay, enter the gross amount only and a minus sign in the +/- column.

·  Job Class

  • Input the employees job class per the Job Assignments screen in CPPS, or the job class the employee is being paid under (if different).

·  Cert Number, Y, User Number

  • Input account information per the Job Assignments screen in CPPS, or the account information that the employee is being paid under (if different).

·  Pay End Date

  • Input the Pay end date for each line of pay

·  ADJ

  • A or blank

·  Gross to Net Elements

  • Input all employee and state deductions (you do not need to enter a C after each state contribution GTN)

·  Reasons

  • Mark your reason for the chop request following the Chop Policy. If the CHOP is due to an overpay or an underpay, write why the pay error occurred (ex: not in CPPS, lost timesheet, etc.) If the CHOP is for a deceased employee, be sure to enter the date of death and the beneficiary’s name and address.

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