Central Management Processes

The Central Management Unit (CMU) is responsible for making Vendor account modifications to VSS restricted accounts, Warrant and EFT management, 1099 Tax reporting, Escheatment, and PERA payments for PERA Retirees working as Independent Contractors being paid out of the CORE ERP. Below are links to processes and guides that will help you to complete related requests.

Please verify that your vendor is VSS restricted prior to sending in non EFT related vendor modification requests.

Forms can only be accessed through the CORE intranet site.

If “Restrict VSS access” is “No” and Vendor User Information tab is populated the vendor will need to make account modifications through the VSS system. If the vendor is having difficulty making account modifications please have the vendor contact VSS help at 303-866-6464 or vsshelp@state.co.us.

Please select the appropriate link to provide guidance in completion of desired request. (intended for department and/or program use).


Job Aids

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