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As part of the Department of Personnel and Administration, we work in reciprocity with both State and Federal authorities to provide essential revenue recovery services and comprehensive support for Colorado State Agencies and Departments, Statewide Judicial Districts, Corrections, Political Subdivisions, as well as Institutions of Higher Education.

Low 18% Collection Fee  
Agency Receives 100% of Assigned Amount
C.R.S. 24-30-202.4  -  (8) (a) The Department of Personnel may add a collection fee to the amount of a debt's principal and accruing interest referred to the State Controller pursuant to this section except where other specific statutory authority, requirements under federal programs, or written agreement with the debtor provide otherwise. The department shall determine upon annual review the amount of the collection fee, which shall approximate the reasonable costs incurred by the controller in collecting debts. The collection fee may include a fee to recover the collection costs incurred by either the Controller, private counsel, or private collection agencies, but in no case shall the aggregate fee for the controller or private collection agencies exceed twenty-one percent and in no case shall the aggregate fee for private counsel exceed twenty-five percent.
State & Federal Authority to Intercept Through Multiple Offset Programs
Tax Offset, Gaming Offset, Lottery Offset, Vendor Offset & Federal Offset
Dedicated Client Services & Comprehensive Support
Working as an Extension of Your Agency
  • Fiscal Rules and Policy Guidance
  • Accounts Receivable Processes & Collection Efforts
  • Simplicity Online Access to Account Information, Reports and Statements
  • Online Payment Portal for Consumers
  • Multiple private forwarding agencies with expertise in State, Judicial and Higher Education accounts. 
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