2011 Report Dated March 30, 2012

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Executive Summary                                                                               

Exhibit A1-1 
Personal Services Contracts by Department (July 2009 - December 2011)                                                                          

Exhibit A1-2 
Personal Services Contracts A1-1 Overall Summary                                        

Exhibit A3-1  
Personal Services Contracts by Department (January 2011 - December 2011)                                                       

Exhibit A3-2  
Personal Services Contracts A3-1 Overall Summary                                                              

Exhibit B1-1 
Vendor Performance Ratings by Department                                                                              

Exhibit B1-2 
Vendor Performance Ratings Overall Summary                                                                              

Exhibit C1-1 
Sole Source Contracts by Department                                                                              

Exhibit C1-2 
Sole Source Contracts Overall Summary                                                                              

Exhibit D1-1 
Solicitation Types Used                                                                              

Exhibit E1-1 
Work Performance Locations

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