Services Performed by State Agencies

Colorado Correctional Industries “CCI” (Moving / Furniture)

CCI is part of CDOC and was formally created in statute under CRS 17-24-101 in 1977. CCI offers a large list of services that are listed on their website The main involvement CCI plays in the real estate needs for State Agencies and Intuitions of Higher Education is the physical moving of furniture / files and the procurement of furniture.


CCI Contact Information

4999 Oakland Street

Denver, CO 80239

Administration (719) 226-4200

Sales: (303) 370-220

Forms: (303) 370-2165


Office of Information Technology “OIT” (State Data Network / Phone Service)

When searching for a new leased / owned facility the Governor’s Office of Information Technology must be contacted once a short list of potential properties is made. Not all buildings or facilities already have the ability to connect to the State Network. Gaining that ability to connect to the State network at times can come at substantial cost. The attached Excel Sheet details the exact individual to contact for each specific State agency.


OIT Contact Information

601 E 18th Avenue

Denver, CO 80203

Main Help Desk (303) 239-4357


Business Enterprise Program “BEP” (Food Service / Vending Machines)

The Business Enterprise Program makes awards to qualified blind business people for food service operations in these buildings, plus some privately owned facilities. Currently, these facilities consist of large cafeterias, small cafeterias, military dining halls, snack bars, convenience stores, micro-markets, vending machine routes, rest area maintenance, and commercial janitorial services. BEP does this work under the Randolph Sheppard Act.

If the building is owned by a State Agency and there is desire for food service, then BEP should be contacted to determine the best way to address this need. If the facility is privately owned only the portion of the facility that is classified as the “premises” in the lease may take advantage of BEP’s services provided approval from the landlord is obtained prior.

More information about BEP is available at


Business Enterprise Program Contact Information

Dan Whalen

Business Enterprise Program Manager

2211 West Evans Avenue

Bldg B Denver, CO 80223

(303) 866-3425