Real Estate Forms

Both the Long Form and Short Form Leases have been replaced with the following lease agreements below. This change will detail the effect of HB 1395 / CRS 39-3-124 on the rent in Article 1. The Short Form lease has been replaced with the Gross Lease Form. (Under a Gross Lease the landlord is responsible for ALL operating expenses for the property, no operating expenses are detailed). The Long Form lease has been split into two categories. One is a Base Year Lease (Tenant only responsible for expenses OVER the “Base Year” of the lease). Second is a Triple Net Lease (NNN) (which has two components, “Base” rent and “Operating Expenses” (NNN Rent)).



Gross Lease Agreement (Short Form)
Base Year Lease Agreement (Long Form)
NNN Lease Agreement (Long Form)

Amendment to Lease 
Easement Agreement-Grantee 
Easement Agreement-Grantor 
Interagency Lease Agreement 
Lease Termination Letter (Please contact the Real Estate Program to obtain a copy of this sample letter)
Lease Checklist Form  
Parking License Agreement

Space Program Forms 
State Owned Property Lease 
Space Request Form 
Broker Performance Evaluation  



Common Area Maintenance Reconciliation

Shortened Presentation



State of Colorado Real Estate 101 Class Presentation

Real Estate 101 Power Point