Procedural Archives

Below is a list of archived procedural forms; if you need to obtain a copy please contact the Office of the State Architect at 303/866-3158.
Procedural Documents
Authorization to Bid SBP-6.10 07/2008
Information for Bidders SBP-6.12 09/2006 and version 7/2010.
Bid SBP-6.13 07/2010
Bid Alternates SBP-6.131 09/2006
Bid Tabulation SBP-6.132 09/2006
Bid Bond SBP-6.14 09/2006
Notice of Award SBP-6.15 09/2006
Notice to Proceed (Design/Bid/Build Contract) SBP-6.26 07/2008
Notice to Proceed to Commence Construction Phase (CM/GC) SBP-7.26 07/2008
Notice of Approval of Occupancy/Use SBP-01 07/2008
Notice of Substantial Completion SBP-07 09/2006
Notice of Partial Substantial Completion SBP-071 09/2006
Notice of Final Acceptance SBP-6.27 09/2006
Notice of Partial Final Acceptance SBP-6.271 09/2006
Notice of Contractor's Settlement SBP-7.3 09/2006
Notice of Partial Contractor's Settlement SBP-7.31 09/2006
Application and Certificate for Contractor's Payment SBP-7.2 02/2008
Application for Payment for Architect/Engineer/ Consultant Fees SBP-7.1 09/2006
Pre-Acceptance Checklist SBP-05 07/2008
Pre-Acceptance Punch List SBP-06 07/2008
Building Code Compliance Documents
Plan Review Authorization SBP-017 09/2006
Building Inspection Report SBP-BIR 07/2008
Building Inspection Authorization SBP-018 07/2008
Inspection Report SBP-019 07/2008