Project Management Policies/Guidelines

The basic steps, policies, and guidelines for managing construction projects are available below. The contract, procedural, and miscellaneous forms are available from Forms page.


Basic Steps Checklist for Design/Bid/Build Projects (Rev. 7/2016)





Small Construction Purchases (Rev. 7/2015)


Public Projects (Rev. 7/2015 minor)


Project Monitoring and Cost Management Guidelines (Rev. 7/2014)



Construction Project Representation


Agency Records Management and Project Files (Rev. 7/2014)


Notice of Contractor's Settlement (Rev 7/2014)


Integrated Delivery Methods (Rev. 1/2014)


Best Practice: Selection of Construction and Professional Services (New 7/2015)



Contract Changes/Modifications/Revisions

Contract Modification Guidelines (Rev. 7/2010)

Change Order Management Guidelines (Rev. 7/2010)


Document Revisions

Policy/Guideline Revisions July 2015

Policy/Guideline Revisions July 2016




Colorado Revised Statutes

Fiscal Rules

Procurement Code and Rules



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