New Construction/Major Renovations

The OSA policy, High Performance Certification Program (HPCP), is being revised to incorporate HPCP requirement into the additional capital construction and project planning responsibilities that OSA has under state statute. The new OSA policy on project planning and the updated policy on HPCP will be posted by July 1. Please call Rod Vanderwall, Manager of Energy Programs for the most current OSA requirements for state funded projects. 

The updated HPCP policy will require the most applicable sustainable guideline.

For K-12 schools, as of September 2015,  the US version of CHPS is the referenced guideline. 

The Policy outlines the requirements for state departments and institutions of higher education in the construction of new buildings and the substantial renovation of existing buildings. The policy recognizes the US Green building Council (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED™) guideline, the Green Building Initiative (GBI), Green Globes guideline, and for K-12 school, the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) guideline. The OSA HPCP registration forms, are modified for either a State Agency, DOLA, or CDE project and include example guideline checklists.

OSA HPCP State Owned Buildings Registration-Checklist Forms (spreadsheet)
OSA HPCP Dept. of Local Affairs Grant Projects Registration-Checklist Forms (spreadsheet)
OSA HPCP CDE K-12 Registration-Checklist Forms (spreadsheet)