Energy Performance Contracts

State Department and Institutions of Higher Education are required to use the following documents for an Investment Grade Audit and Energy Performance Contract. Local jurisdictions have their own requirements and should use the boilerplate documents from the CEO website. Should a State entity desire to modify the documents, those edits should match OSA policy and then provided to the Office of the State Architect for review.


Investment Grade Audit (Rev. 1/2019)
IGA Exhibit A - Scope of Work (Rev. 7/2017)

IGA Exhibit B - Location of Audit (Rev. 7/2017)

IGA Exhibit C - Cost and Pricing Elements (Rev. 7/2017)

IGA Exhibit D - Vendor Disclosure Statement (8/2014)


Energy Performance Contract (Rev. 1/2019)
EPC Schedule A - General Conditions of the Energy Performance Contract (Rev. 1/2019)

EPC Schedule B - Energy Performance Contract Description of Work (Rev. 7/2017)

EPC Schedule C - Guarantee (Rev. 7/2017)

EPC Schedule D - Measurement and Verification Services Plan (Rev. 7/2017)

EPC Schedule E - Code Compliance Requirement (Rev. 7/2017)

EPC Schedule F - Schedule of Values (Initial) (Rev. 7/2017)

EPC Schedule G - Projected Financial Cost and Cash Flow Analysis (Rev. 7/2017)

EPC Schedule H - Certification that Cost-weighted Average Service Life of Equipment Exceeds Financing Term (Rev. 7/2017)

EPC Schedule I - Record of Reviews (as applicable) (Rev. 7/2017)

Schedule J - Certification and Affidavit Regarding Unauthorized Immigrants (Ul-1)


OSA Contract Forms (contracts modifications documents, contract exhibits [bonds, codes]) 

OSA Procedural Forms (notice to proceed, acceptance, application for payment, etc) (modify as necessary to recognize that EPC is a type of design/build work)


Contract Forms Revision Information

Document Revisions are indicated in this file - IGA and EPC Contract Modifications January 2019