Contract Archive

Below is a list of archieved contract forms; if you need to optain a copy please contact the Office of the State Architect at 303/866-3158.
Contract Documents
Architect/Engineer Agreement SC-5.1 05/2011
Architect/Engineer Agreement Terms and Conditions SC-5.1TC 05/2011
Architect/Engineer Agreement (CM/GC) SC-5.2 08/2009
Contractors Agreement SC-6.21 05/2011
General Conditions of the Contract SC-6.23 05/2011
Consultant Agreement (Standard Format) SC-5.3 08/2009
Construction Manager/General Contractor Agreement (CM/GC Standard Format) SC-6.4 07/2013
Design/Build Agreement SC-8.0 05/2011
General Conditions of the Design/Build Agreement SC-8.1 07/2013
General Conditions of the Design/Build (GMP) Agreement SC-9.1 07/2013
Contract Modification Documents
Supplement to Architect/Engineer Agreement SC-7.0A 09/2006
Supplement to Consultant Agreement SC-7.0B 09/2006
Contract Amendment SC-6.0 02/2008
Change Order SC-6.31 09/2006
Change Order Bulletin SC-6.311 09/2006
Change Order Proposal SC-6.312 09/2006
Emergency Field Change Order SC-6.31E 04/2009
Contract Exhibits
Performance Bond SC-6.22 09/2006
Labor and Material Payment Bond SC-6.221 09/2006
Minority/Women Business Participation Report MWBE-1 10/2008
Certification and Affidavit Regarding Unauthorized Immigrants UI-1 07/2008