Controlled Maintenance

Controlled maintenance is defined in statute, C.R.S. 24-30-1301(2), as corrective repairs or replacement of existing state-owned, general-funded buildings and other physical facilities, including but not limited to utilities and site improvements, which are suitable for retention and use for at least five years, and replacement and repair of the fixed equipment necessary for the operation of such facilities, when such work is not funded in an agency's operating budget to be accomplished by the agency's physical plant staff.


Both state agencies and institutions of higher education request approval and funding of controlled maintenance projects through State Buildings Programs.


FY 2016-17 Budget Cycle Calendar

FY 2015-16 OSA Site Visit Agenda


Controlled Maintenance Instructions and Forms, always use the most current form as annually, minor changes may occurred.

Eligibility Requirements for Requesting Controlled Maintenance Funding

Controlled Maintenance Instructions

Controlled Maintenance Summary Request (CM-1) (word)

Controlled Maintenance Summary Request (CM-1) (excel)

Agency Asset Management Maintenance Strategy (CM-2.1)

Controlled Maintenance Project Request (CM-3)

Agency Specific Spreadsheet Template

Vacant Facilities Management Plan (CM-6)

High Performance Certification Program (HPCP-1)

Energy Performance Contract Report (EPC-1)

Agency Controlled Maintenance Submittal/Transmittal (CMT-1)

Agency's Code Compliance Action Plan


CM instructions, all forms, one zip file





OSA Annual Reports Presented to the Capital Development Committee including the recommended statewide prioritized Controlled Maintenance list of state agencies and institutions of higher education Five Year Plans of projected Controlled Maintenance Needs and status reports of previously funded Controlled Maintenance and Capital Construction projects, information on acquisitions and disposition of state property, and a listing of statewide leases.


(Due to the size of the Annual Reports you might encounter a slow download)


FY16-17 OSA Annual Report (December 2015) (27 mb)

FY15-16 CM Recommended List (updated January 2015)

FY15-16 Annual Report (December 2014) (15.5 mb)

FY14-15 Annual Report (December 2013) (18 mb)

FY13-14 Annual Report (December 2012) (18.3 mb)

FY12-13 Annual Report (December 2011) (19.1 mb)