Controlled Maintenance

Starting with FY 2017-18, State agencies and institutions of higher education are to request controlled maintenance approval and funding through the annual budget request submission process as administered by the Office of the State Architect. Please refer to the following required documents:

Capital Construction/Controlled Maintenance Combined Budget Request Submission Instructions (New 5/2016)

Combined CC/CM Budget Request Submission Transmittal OSA-CC/CM Word Form (Rev. 5/2016)

Controlled Maintenance Request Summary: SBP CM-1 Excel Form (Rev. 5/2014)

Five-Year Controlled Maintenance Program Plan (Tab 1): SBP CM-2 Excel Spreadsheet (Rev. 6/2008)

*Please note the following three documents are tabs in the above spreadsheet*

Tab 2: Controlled Maintenance Project Status Report: SBP CM-4 Excel Spreadsheet (Rev. 5/2012)

Tab 3: Capital Construction Project Status Report: SBP CC-1 Excel Spreadsheet (Rev. 5/2012)

Tab 4: Building Inventory Report: SBP CM-5 Excel Spreadsheet (Rev. 5/2014)

Asset Management Maintenance Strategy: SBP CM-2.1 Word Form (Rev. 5/2016)

Controlled Maintenance Project Request: SBP CM-3 Word Form (Rev. 5/2016)

Action Plan for Code Compliance: SBP Exhibit K Word Form (Rev. 4/2016)

Vacant Facility Management Plan: REP VFMP-1 PDF Form (Rev. 5/2016)

Acquisitions and Dispositions of State Property Report: REP A/D-1 PDF Form (Rev. 5/2016)

Energy Performance Contract Report: EMP EPC-1 Word Form (Rev. 4/2016)

High Performance Certification Program: EMP HPCP-1 Word Form (Rev. 4/2016)


Controlled Maintenance is defined in statue, C.R.S. 24-30-1301(4), as,

  1. Corrective repairs or replacement, including improvements for health, life safety, and code requirements…
  2. Corrective repairs and replacement…of the fixed equipment necessary for the operation of real property, when such work is not funded in a state agency’s or state institution of higher education’s operating budget.
  3. May include the contracting for the services of architects, engineers, and other consultants… to prepare plans and specifications, and to supervise the execution of such controlled maintenance projects…


(Please refer to the various program pages for policies, procedures and required documents for capital construction project management)

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