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New Petroleum Guidance Now Available

The Petroleum Program is pleased to announce that you can now find all of the information you need to know in order to comply with the OPS standards for operating your tank system, cleaning up a release or applying for reimbursement in one place - the Petroleum Program Guidance! This web-based guidance will now serve as the primary place where we will provide our stakeholders with current information regarding how to meet the requirements included in the Colorado Petroleum Storage Tank Regulations and Statutes.

You may save the link http://www.coworkforce.gov/petroleumguidance/ to your favorites to access the Petroleum Program Guidance.

Comments Requested: Draft PSTC Policy #28

The Petroleum Storage Tank Committee and OPS are now accepting comments on the draft of proposed Policy #28 regarding the use of a Promissory Agreement as proof of payment on applications for reimbursement from the Colorado Petroleum Storage Tank Fund.

We will accept comments until February 15, 2016, to guide further decisions on the implementation of this policy. Please submit comments via email to cdle_ops_public_comment@state.co.us, referencing "Promissory Agreements" on the subject line of the email.

RCGs 2016: Labor Increase

Following research regarding economic indicators since the last RCG labor rate increase in 2009, and with stakeholder input, a 10% increase has been approved for the Labor series of the Reasonable Cost Guidelines (RCGs) 5.1 through 5.9, as well as for increasing Report Submittal RCGs 7.1 and 7.2 for Monitoring and Remediation Report (MRR) preparation.
The new rates, effective for work performed after January 1, 2016, are as follows:
RCG Category Rate Effective January 1, 2016
5.2 $123.00
5.3 $117.00
5.4 $97.00
5.5 $83.00
5.6 $65.00
5.7 $58.00
5.8 $52.00
5.9 $47.00
7.1 $1,762.00
7.2 $2,570.00

Because OPS reimburses to phase of work totals, EFS budget shortfalls due to the labor rate increase will be addressed on a case-by-case basis with the Technical Reviewer for the Event.

The new rates have been added to the OPS Invoice template and the Economic Feasibility Summary (EFS) template in the CAP report.  

Please contact Jane Bral at 303-318-8510 or Erik Gessert at 303-318-8520 if you have any questions regarding the RCG increases.

Petroleum Program news is posted here as updates become available. Check the Calendar of Events for information about upcoming training classes and other events.