PSTC Policies

Policy #


1 Contamination Discovery Date (Replaced by Policy #17 as of 2/2/1996)
2 Multi-use Tanks
3 Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) Eligibility
4 Percentage Reduction For Non-compliance with Petroleum Storage Tank (UST) Regulations; Denial for Substantial Non-compliance
5 When the Fund Incurs Liability
6 Contamination Discovered December 22, 1988-July 1, 1989
7 Application Processing Time Clock - Date Filed to Date Submitted for Review by Petroleum Storage Tank Committee
8 Costs Incurred During Contract Scope of Work, and Either Not Approved by the Committee or Not Submitted on the Application, Cannot Be Submitted at a Later Date
9 Markups
10 Imputed Knowledge And Actions
11 Definition of "Properly and Fully Completed Claims for Reimbursement"
12 Transferring Eligibility
13 Maximum Allowable Reimbursement Without an Approved Corrective Action Plan (Repealed on 5/17/2013)
14 Property Owner Applicants
15 State-led Cleanups for Applicants Who Bear No Responsibility for the Release
16 Penalty for Failure to Submit or Implement a Corrective Action Plan
17 USTs Closed in Place Before December 22, 1988
18 Approved costs beyond the $3 million fiscal year aggregate statutory limit
19 Reasonable Cost Guidelines
20 Fund Eligibility for Property Owners Who Obtain Property after June 3, 1992
21 Reimbursement of Tank Closure Costs
22 Procedural Guidelines for Protest Hearing
23 Lender Eligibility
24 Subrogation
25 Legal Representation at Petroleum Storage Tank Fund Protest Hearings
26 Time Limits and Dollar Limits on Applications Submitted for Reimbursement
27 Bid Process for Economic Feasibility Summaries
28 Promissory Agreements
29 UST Removal Reimbursement