Listed Environmental Consultants

**Recognized Environmental Professionals (REPs) will replace Individual Listed Consultants effective January 1, 2018.** 

Read the fact sheet below for more information about this change.

Click on this link to go directly to the list: Colorado's Listed Environmental Consultants.

Choosing an environmental consultant is a serious responsibility. No other single factor within the Fund Applicant's control will so significantly affect the cost, the effectiveness and the duration of the remediation project. To assist persons in the consultant selection process, and to increase assurance that reimbursement from the Fund is for activities that are both technologically and cost effective, the Division of Oil and Public Safety (OPS) has developed a program to list environmental consulting companies.

This is a voluntary program.

The Listed Consultant Program is described in Article 2 of the Reasonable Cost Guidelines and is summarized below.

OPS maintains the Colorado Listed Consultant Program as a way to protect both tank owners/operators and the taxpayers of Colorado. When an environmental consulting company applies to be a part of the program, they are documenting that they have and will maintain a certain level of professional competence. Any Listed Consultant Company that consistently fails to comply with OPS requirements can, and will be, de-listed from the program.

Note: by publishing the list of consultants, OPS makes no representation that it has verified any of the information provided on company or individual application forms or that it endorses any company or person.