Conveyances Shut Down

The Colorado Conveyance Regulations (7 CCR 1101-8) give OPS the authority to shut down an elevator or escalator that has been determined to be dangerous or out of compliance. For information on the conveyance shut down process, see Section 2-8 (Shut Down of a Dangerous Conveyance) and Section 5-1-2 (Enforcement Order) of the Conveyance Regulations.

A listing of conveyances that are currently shut down is available below.

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Colorado Division of Oil and Public Safety

Conveyances Shut Down

Current as of January 4, 2019

Conveyance ID

Conveyance Type

Property Information

Owner Information

Effective Date

Hydraulic Elevator
The Gold Apartments
615 Water St
Tammy Miller
Traction Elevator
AIMCO Apartment Homes (REIT)
2100 N Ursula St
Ethan Lively