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The mission of the Division of Oil and Public Safety Conveyance Program (OPS) is to protect the riding public and industry personnel in the State of Colorado from the hazards of dangerous conveyances.

To achieve the mission, OPS requires that:

  • All elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters, wheelchair lifts, APM (i.e., the train at DIA) and other regulated conveyances located in the State of Colorado be registered with OPS;
  • The installation, alteration, maintenance, testing and annual inspection of regulated conveyances is completed according to the Colorado conveyance regulations, industry code and the standards adopted in statute and regulation; and
  • All conveyance contractors, mechanics and inspectors maintain a current license issued by OPS to ensure that the installation, alteration and maintenance of conveyances in the State of Colorado are completed by qualified personnel.

The Conveyance Program may also delegate regulation authority to municipalities, counties or other authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) if the AHJ has established a conveyance regulation program that is equal to or more stringent than that of OPS.

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