Petroleum Storage Tank Committee

The Petroleum Storage Tank Committee (PSTC) is comprised of seven members who have technical expertise and knowledge in the fields related to corrective actions taken to mitigate underground and aboveground storage tank releases. The three permanent members are the Director of the Division of Oil and Public Safety (or designee), the Executive Director of the Department of Labor and Employment (or designee), and a petroleum storage tank owner/operator. The other four members on the committee may represent one of the following groups: Fire protection districts, elected local governmental officials, companies that refine and retail motor fuels in Colorado, companies that wholesale motor fuels in Colorado, owners and operators of independent retail outlets, companies that conduct corrective actions or install and repair underground and aboveground storage tanks and private citizens or interest groups.

PSTC Meeting Information

The PSTC meets to review and approve reimbursement claims; for the current schedule of meetings, agendas, minutes and policies, see below.

PSTC Member Information

Member Name

Member Type

Term Expiration

Renee Shellhorse Owner/Operator 10/16/2021
Brett Redd Corrective Action Companies 10/16/2022
Anthony Congram Private Citizen 10/16/2022
Steve Callahan Refiner and Retailer 10/16/2020
Scott Paulson Independent Retail Outlets 10/16/2022
Mahesh Albuquerque Division Director 10/16/2021
Susan DeMeules Designee of CDLE Executive Director 10/16/2021

OPS Staff



Tom Fox Reimbursement Application Presenter
Luz Duque Committee Meeting Organizer (even months)
J Garcia Committee Meeting Organizer (odd months)