Ash,Trash, Compost, & Freebox Guidelines


First and Foremost.....Please LOCK the Trash Building Door! Thank you, as no bears are allowed! 



Please Absolutely NO Ashes in the Trash Building Dumpsters. Please use the ash bin outside. Thank You!
(Our last Trash Building burned down due to an ash fire)


Trash And Recycling

Please no appliances, batteries, electronics, construction waste or tires in Town dumpsters. 

Paint & stain must be dry. Please add kitty litter or paint hardener prior to disposal.

Please break down cardboard boxes and place in the west end dumpsters.

Please note there are seperate bins for paper and commingle (glass, plastic, aluminum).

For Recycling Guidelines and other resources to recycle please click HERE.



Please click on the below link to see the Town of Ophir's Composting Program Guidelines! 

Town of Ophir currently has four composters where residents may disgard thier home food waste. The composting program was implemented by the Ophir Self Reliance Committee in efforts to reduce residental waste and CO2 emissions. 

Pledges are available for residents at the Trash Building and volunteers are needed to help with compost duties! 

Ophir Freebox

Please be mindful of what you put in the freebox.
If the freebox is full, please save your donations for another day.
Other options for donating your items are:
Ophir Facebook Group
Telluride Sweet Deals
Trash and Treasure - 
Telluride Freebox
Second Chance Thrift Shop - Telluride and Ridgeway
Life Choices - Montrose
MADA - Montrose
2nd Impressions - Montrose
Habitat for Humanity - Montrose
NOBODY wants...
Your old boxers or kids used underwear
Ripped, holey, stained, stretched out clothing
Any broken items
Old, dirty appliances or kitchenware
Old TV's or other old electronics
Paint, oil, chemicals or other hazardous waste
Batteries, tires or tire rims
Chairs, tables, couches or other large items (Please call Trash or Treasure on KOTO radio )

When you put these items in the freebox, you are merely leaving your trash for someone else to clean up. Thank you for being thoughtful and passing along only good, desirable and useable items!