Colorado Health IT Roadmap Workshops

The Office of eHealth Innovation has partnered with Mosaica Partners to create Colorado's Health IT Roadmap. Mosaica Partners, established in 2005 is nationally recognized for advancing health care reform, health information use and exchange, and Health IT interoperability. The firm has partnered with – and is proud to be regarded as trusted advisors by – states, communities, universities, hospitals, IDNs, ACOs, HIEs, federal agencies, health plans, and Health IT/HIE vendors.

Mosaica provides specialized consulting services related to health information strategy, use, and exchange.  Recently, Mosaica Partners assisted a number of states to develop comprehensive, statewide Health IT/HIE plans.  Mosaica’s proven, evidence-based planning process helps states identify and optimize their total Health IT expenditures to better support their healthcare reform efforts. Mosaica's team includes experienced clinicians, consultants and researchers, all of whom are committed to optimizing Health IT/HIE in support of achieving the Triple Aim.   

To launch efforts for the Colorado Health IT Roadmap, OeHI, with the support of Mosaica conducted interviews and a series of workshops that were held around the state to understand the wants and needs of individuals working with health information on a daily basis. Clinicians and team members, representatives of insurance firms, representatives of State agencies and departments, community-based organizations and individuals all participated.

To date OeHI and Mosaica have conducted five envisioning workshops throughout the State, visiting Alamosa, Grand Junction, Denver, and Colorado Springs. Additional stakeholder meetings in Denver and Northen Colorado have been scheduled and more to come in 2017.

The Process?

Mosaica's approach to developing statewide Health IT/HIE Roadmaps involves significant stakeholder participation throughout the length of the project.  The project began by establishing a “core project team” – comprised of representatives of OeHI, HCPF, and Mosaica – which is now in place.  The core project team’s current focus is on understanding the Health IT/HIE environment in Colorado.  Interviews of healthcare community leaders and influencers, reviews of related documents, and Mosaica-led workshops will all be used to further develop that understanding. Next, through a series of educational sessions and facilitated envisioning workshops around the state, the core project team will develop and validate Colorado’s statewide Health IT/HIE objectives – what the plan aims to accomplish.

Once the project has identified the infrastructure elements necessary to be in place to accomplish the plan’s objectives, a gap analysis will be performed to determine the delta between what is needed and what Colorado currently has in place.  The identified gaps will be addressed by defining actionable initiatives. 

The result, for Colorado, is to focus on those things that have the highest payback in terms of using Health IT/HIE to support its statewide healthcare reform efforts.