Roadmap Objectives

Through a series of workshops held across Colorado, The Office of eHealth Innovation was able to acquire a deeper understanding of individuals wants and needs in regards to health information. Based on the workshop results, input from the project Steering Committee, review of Colorado documents, individual stakeholder interviews, and our knowledge of the Health/Health Information Exchange ecosystem, a list of 14 objectives were developed.

These objectives were distrbuted in a state-wide survey to obtain broad stakeholder input on the relative importance of these objectives. Over 850 individuals responded to the survey distrubition. Of those respondents:

  • 376 respondents requested to be kept informed or volunteered to participate the project
  • 208 respondents provided comments
  • 47 out of the 64 counties within Colorado were represented
  • 24 Colorado Organizations assisted in the survey distribution


Survey Results:

The following survey results are listed from highest to lowest priority: 

  1. Care Coordination: Health care and health-related information needed for effective coordination of care across community services is easily accessible and usable throughout Colorado.

  2. Access to Information: Coloradans (and their authorized individuals and providers) can easily, appropriately, and securely access health care and health-related information.

  3. Data Intergration and Availability: Physical health, behavioral health, social services, payment, and cost of information is integrated and readily available and usable.

  4. Cost of Health IT: All providers have access to cost effective, health IT support and services that are aligned and realistic with their budgets and the value proposition of those services is clear and transparent.

  5. Quality Reporting: State required quality measures are relevant to achieving, Colorado's State of Health Triple Aim- Best Health, Best Care, Best Value- and they are aligned across programs, and settings, standardized, and easy to report.

  6. Broadband: High speed, reliable broadband is available throughout Colorado to support Colorado's State of Health Triple Aim- Best Health, Best Care, and Best Value.

  7. Governance & Policy: Colorado's policies, regulations, and investments are aligned to promote the secure sharing of health information required to achieve Colorado's Triple Aim- Best Health, Best Care, and Best Value.

  8. Analytics: There is widespread access to, and use of, health data analytics.

  9. Data Governance: There is consistent, broad, open, and transparent goverance of health care and health-related data, and the sharing of that data.

  10. Telehealth: The use of telehealth is a routine, secure, viable point-of-care choice.

  11. Innovation: Colorado is a recognized leader in supporting and adopting innovative technical approaches and solutions in support of Colorado's Triple Aim.

  12. Governance & Policy: There is an agreed upon approach for uniquely identifying participants (e.g. providers, patients, payers, persons) in Colorado's health care ecosystem.

  13. Consent Management: Coloradans have easy to use, clear and concise pathways to manage (to the extent allowed by law) their individual consent to the sharing of their health care information.

  14. Governance & Policy: Health care information privacy policies and regulations are consistently understood and consistently applied across Colorado's health care ecosystem.   

For more information regarding the Roadmap development process and survey results review the following documents: