Colorado Health IT Roadmap

The state's Health IT roadmap is a 3-5 year comprehensive high level plan that will provide direction for Health IT investments in the public and private sectors. The plan will deliver high level actionable initiatives that can be used as a sounding board for determining the fit of existing Health IT projects and as a springboard for identifying and evaluating new opportunities.

What We Are Doing

Through the Office of eHealth Innovation and the eHealth Commision, the Roadmap will strategically align the Health IT projects and initiatives throughout the state. Multiple Health IT efforts are underway in Colorado. 

The Roadmap will identify and reduce redundancy of efforts, along with provide opportunity to utilize resources more efficiently and effectively.

In order to succesfully launch the State Health IT Roadmap OeHI and the eHealth Commission need to have a solid understanding of:

  • Current efforts- including overlaps and gaps
  • Unmet needs and opportunities
  • Unified vision of the desired future state

Triple Aim: 

  1. Best Care
  2. Best Health
  3. Best Value