Available Hearing Dates

Expedited Hearings and Disfigurement Hearings are held within 40 days of the filing of the Application for Expedited Hearing or the Application for Hearing - Disfigurement Only. For Expedited Hearings and Disfigurement Only hearings, the OAC will select the date and send a Notice of Hearing to the parties.

Regular Hearings are held within 100 days of the setting date on the Application for Hearing and Notice to Set. A party not represented by an attorney may request that the OAC set the matter for hearing. In all other cases, the party filing the Application for Hearing and Notice to Set shall go to the Available Hearing Dates page, call the opposing attorney or, if no attorney, call the opposing party, and select an available date. The party filing the Application for Hearing and Notice to Set shall immediately file a Hearing Confirmation Form with the OAC. After receiving the Hearing Confirmation Form, the OAC will send a Notice of Hearing. When you receive the Notice of Hearing, check it to be sure the names and addresses of the parties and the location, date, and time of the hearing are correct. If there is an error or if you do not receive a Notice of Hearing within three weeks after filing the Hearing Confirmation Form, please contact the OAC.

The Office of Administrative Courts' Denver office is moving. As a result the number of hearings scheduled between November 4th-15th, 2013 is being minimized. Effective November 12, 2013, The Denver Office's new address will be 1525 Sherman St., 4th floor, Denver, CO 80203.

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