About Us

The Department of Personnel & Administration (DPA) provides State government agencies and institutions the ability to focus their limited resources on their mission and the delivery of services to Colorado citizens.  DPA performs core functions that provide the infrastructure, processes, services, guidance, and tools necessary to alleviate redundancy in State government and minimize costs.  The Department seeks to be the State’s leader in service excellence by offering quality services that enhance the success of Colorado State government. The expansive knowledge base and values of integrity, teamwork, responsiveness, transparency, and service guide DPA’s day-to-day operations and ensure its staff is equipped to “do the right thing.” 

The Department collaborates with employees, agencies and institutions, vendors, and citizens to develop innovative ways to provide cost-effective solutions that further the State’s ability to conduct its business.  These solutions lessen the burden and complexity of doing business, and allow the Department to engage its customers and exceed their expectations at every step.   

If you are unable to find something here, we encourage you to provide us with feedback at DPA_Comments@state.co.us.

Our Vision

Building successful state government through initiative and collaboration.

Our Mission

The Department of Personnel & Administration is the foundation for dependable state government, leading with responsiveness, integrity, and teamwork. We provide services to other government agencies and all Coloradans by taking bold initiative toward a government with engaged employees, innovative solutions, and constructive partnerships. Good government starts here.

Our Values

  • Service  — Being helpful, useful, timely, and efficient in our actions, results, and communications
  • Teamwork  — Collaborating with and empowering each other to achieve success
  • Integrity — Being honest and fair in our work and relationships
  • Responsiveness  — Engaging and following through in a way that promotes respect, energy, creativity, and adaptability
  • Transparency  — Operating with accountability, clarity, and ethics in a way that builds and sustains trust


Below is a list of DPA's divisions, with links to their homepages, division director emails and biographies, contact information and a list of their internal work units. At the bottom of this page, you will also find additional links to commonly requested information that DPA provides.

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Statewide Closures/Delays

For information on Statewide closures or delays due to inclement weather or other emergencies, please call our hotline at 303-866-5444. DPA will also post closure/delay information in the News section on its main website at dpa.colorado.gov.