Continuing Benefits

The Office of Administrative Courts has received your request for, or inquiry about, continuing benefits pending the outcome of your appeal.  Your request should first be made to the agency that is proposing to terminate or reduce your benefits.  We do not order continuing benefits unless that agency (usually a County Department) has inappropriately refused to provide them.  The rules for continuing benefits are different for each public benefits program.  Generally speaking, the government agency is to continue benefits if we received your appeal prior to the date the agency told you it was going to discontinue or reduce your benefits.  That date may have been before the deadline to appeal.  However, there are exceptions.  For example, continuing benefits for food stamps are not available after the end of the certification period, and continuing benefits are not available if an application for benefits is denied.  
If an agency refuses to provide continuing benefits and you still believe you are entitled to receive them, you may ask us to order continuing benefits.  Your request should be in writing and should explain who you spoke to at the government agency and what they told you about the request.  If you have not already done so, you should also send us a copy of the notice you received telling you that your benefits would be reduced or discontinued.  We may not be able to order continuing benefits without this notice.  An administrative law judge (“ALJ”) will look at your request and will issue an order if appropriate under the continuing benefit rules[1].     

[1] For “adult financial” benefits (Colorado Works, TANF, OAP, AND, etc.) the rules are at Section 3.830.24 E., 9 CCR 2503 at:  For food stamps, the rules are at Sections B-4410.2 and B-4240, 10 CCR 2506-1 at:  Medicaid rules are at Section 8.057.5, 10 CCR 2505-10 at:  The rules may also be viewed at the website of the Colorado Secretary of State at: