Water Ordinances

Ordinance 4  Creating a Water Works Department, regulating the use of water, fixing the license fee thereof, prescribing the manner of payment of water rates and penalties for violations. Section 1, 2, 11, 16 & 18 Repealed.  
Ordinance 4  Amending Ordinance 4 Repealing Section 16. Repealed
Ordinance 4  Amending Amendment to Ordinance 4 Section 16. Repealed
Ordinance 11  Amending Ordinance 4 sections 16 & 18 Repealed
Ordinance 19  Amending Ordinance 4Repealed
Ordinance 33  Amending Ordinance 19 Section 1 Repealed
Ordinance 38  Amending Ordinance 19 Section 2 Repealed
Ordinance 42  Amending & Establishing Water Rates
Ordinance 53  Amending Ordinance 42 Section 1 & 6.
Ordinance 73  Regulating Sale & Use of Water Outside Town Limits 
Ordinance 77  Amending and repealing parts of Ordinance 42 
Ordinance 109  Amending Ordinance 53
Ordinance 113  Amending the previous water rate ordinance for the Town of Nucla by requiring all water used within the Town limits be metered Repealed
Ordinance 118  Amending previous water rate ordinance by increasing tap fees
Ordinance 137 Ammending warter ordinance by increasing connect & disconnect fees from $2 to $10 Repealed
Ordinance 139 Ammending Ordinance 118 by increasing tap fees for the purpose of maintaining the system
Ordinance 140 Amending Ordinance 113 by increasing mothly minimums for metered water
Ordiannce 155 Amending Ordinance 151 by increasing water rates and imposing a non use rate and repealing all ordinances or part thereof in conflict
Ordinance 161 Amending ordinance 151 and 153 by increasing water rates Repealed
Ordinance 163 Amendinga previous water ordinnacesclarifying the Town's authority to collect charges and procedures for leins and forfetures Repealed
Ordinance 167 Ordinance requiring each property owner aquiring a new water meter to instal double - check valve assembly
Ordinance 170 Amending Ordinance 139 by increasing tap fees for the purpse of maintaining the system repealing all ordinances or parts there of in conflict
Ordinance 172 Amending previous water rate ordinance
Ordinance 181 Amending Ordinace 161 by increasing rates
Ordinance 186 Amending and establishing rates for raw water Repealed
Ordinance 191 Ordinance concerning unused water taps Repealed
Ordinance 193 Ordinance concerning uninstalled water taps Repealed
Ordinance 199 Amending Ordinace 181 by increasing water rates and repealing all ordinances or parts there of in conflict 
Ordinance 204 Amending Ordinance 199 increasing water rates and repealing all ordinances or parts there of in conflict Repealed
Ordinance 208 Emergency water ordinance restricting water usage in the Town of Nucla
Ordinance 210 Ordinance establishing rate for water hauled Repealed
Ordinance 232 Amending Ordinance 199 by increasing rate for excess usage of water Repealed
Ordinance 239 Amending Ordinance 204 by increasing water rates and repealing all ordinances or parts there of in conflict Repealed
Ordinance 2011-249   Repealing Ordinances 113, 137, 161, 163, 186, 191, 193, 210, 230, 231, 232, 233, 239; with respect to the supply and use of potable and raw water consumption, all fees incurred for installation and use, inactive tap fees and tap abbandondment and rates for excess usage of water.
Ordinance 2013-02     Adopting the Department of Natural Resources Colorado Water Conservation board.
Ordiannce 2014-0001 Amending Ordinance 2011-249 Section 5.1 Payment due date.