Teacher / Specialized Service Providers Induction

Colorado requires that all licensed educators successfully complete an induction program prior to being issued a Professional License.  Mountain BOCES hosts a one year induction program for teachers and special service providers. All coursework is online at https://onlinelearning.enetcolorado.org beginning with an Orientation in late August.

 Mountain BOCES Induction Program Overview

Teacher/Special Services Professional

Recognizing that teachers and special services professionals requiring induction have diverse needs for support, the Mountain BOCES induction program relies on the mentor/inductee relationship for the development of a meaningful, personalized program based on the individual candidate needs.
Program Requirements

● Educator “attends” the orientation webinar scheduled in August

● Candidate must be assigned a mentor. The mentor is determined by the Inductee and approved by the evaluator.

● The Mentor conducts an interview with the Inductee to determine his/her (level of) knowledge, skills, previous professional preparation and experience– as related to the various aspects required by the school/district to include:
An assessment of the of the Inductee’s own preparation/experience with regard to:
• Colorado’s Teacher Quality Standards/Elements - AND
• Colorado’s Teacher AND Student Content Standards/Elements in the Inductee’s Endorsement content area.

● Mentor, along with input from the principal or supervisor, supports the candidate in the development of a personalized professional learning plan, based on the Colorado Teacher/Special Services Professional Quality Standards

● Mentor/Inductee meet a minimum of once per month to review the plan

● Activities to Enhance Effectiveness are documented on the Induction Plan

● Inductee responds to monthly prompts for reflection and posts to the online forum discussion provided by the Director of Professional Learning, September-April

● Teacher Inductee must “attend” three (may attend more) Teacher to Teacher webinars scheduled by the Mountain BOCES or substitute approved professional development opportunities.

View 2017-2018 Orientation