Principal and Administrator Induction

Principal and Administrator  Induction Program
Mountain BOCES Professional Learning Coordinator hosts a one year induction program for eligible principals and administrators who hold an Initial Colorado license.  All resources and coursework are online at beginning with an Orientation in August.
Recognizing that principals and administrators requiring Induction have diverse needs for support, the Mountain BOCES induction program relies on the mentor/inductee relationship for the development of a meaningful, personalized program based on the individual candidate needs. A needs assessment is conducted by review of Quality Standards at the start of the program.
Mentors must apply and be recommended by colleagues.  All Mentors will be guided throughout the Induction year, engage in professional development and submit monthly reports  online, indicating which Quality Standards were addressed. 
Principals and administrator Inductees follow a different Induction year,  creating professional growth plans for development of electronic portfolios related to specific job-related quality standards.

Program cost beginning 2018-2019 school year:  
$200 member districts principals and administrators
$225 non-member district principals and administrators


Program Requirements 

Qualified mentors will be paired individually with principals/administrators to focus on the application of conceptual knowledge, facilitate the sharing of best practices, address the barriers of limited time, improve principal effectiveness in the evaluation process, act as an accountability partner, and provide support.

Mentor/Inductee determine Induction path  designed to meet four purposes: orientation, socialization and transition; technical skill development and continuous formative assessment for the Inductee.
Mentor and Inductee both create accounts:

Inductee attends webinar for orientation and overview of Induction
Mentor attends webinar for orientation and overview of Mentoring responsibilities.