Principal Induction

Colorado requires that principals and other administrators complete an induction program in order to move from an Initial to a Professional license.  Mountain BOCES runs an approved program to meet that need for principals and other administrators. All coursework is online at beginning with an Orientation in late August / Early September.

Mountain BOCES Principal Induction Program Overview

Recognizing that principals requiring induction have diverse needs for support, the Mountain BOCES induction program relies on the mentor/inductee relationship for the development of a meaningful, personalized program based on the individual candidate needs. Additionally, the superintendent or evaluator contribute to both the design and the implementation of the individual induction program for the Inductee, aligned with the Colorado Principal Quality Standards.

Program Requirements

● Principal “attends” the orientation webinar scheduled August

● Candidate is assigned a Mentor Principal

● The Mentor conducts an interview with the Inductee to determine his/her (level of) knowledge, skills, previous professional preparation and experience– as related to the various aspects required by the school/district.

● Inductee completes a self-assessment on the state or district evaluation system

● Mentor Principal, along with input from the superintendent or evaluator, supports the candidate in the development of a personalized professional learning plan, based on the Colorado Principal Quality Standards

● Mentor/Inductee meet a minimum of once per month to review the plan

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