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All alternative principals must hold a principal, assistant principal or principal-like position; i.e., onę:

   (1) which requires the individual to hold a principal license in order to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of that role      AND

   (2) in which the individual will be evaluated in light of the principal quality standards.

If the position does not require you to hold a principal license, you are not eligible for alternative principal preparation but certainly may pursue a traditional principal preparation program.

1. Submit a set of fingerprints to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for licensure purposes by following the guidelines set forth at http://www.cde.state.co.us/cdeprof/fingerprints.

   a. If you already hold a valid Colorado teacher or special service provider license, login to your elicensing account and check your status to see if you need to submit a set of fingerprints for licensure purposes.

    b. If you do not hold a valid CDE-issued credential, even if you have submitted a set of fingerprints for the school/district in which you have obtained a principal or like position, you still will need to submit a set for licensure purposes http://www.cde.state.co.us/cdeprof/fingerprints.

    c. Please note: CDE cannot issue any type of credential without first receiving from CBI and FBI a cleared background check or one that one of CDE's investigators has cleared.

2. If you do not already have one, create an account in CDE's eLicensing system https://apps.colorado.gov/cde/licensing/Login.aspx; select the "register" link beneath the log in button). This will allow CDE to ensure your background checks "catch up" with you in their system.

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3. Complete and submit an application for a principal authorization. This is the "principal" application in the eLicensing system. (The answers you provide (i.e., "No, I have not completed an approved principal preparation program," etc.) will result in your submitting an appropriate application.)

4. Include in your application a Statement of Assurance completed and signed by your school/district and your program. You also will need to include a signed copy of your employment contract/hiring document and a copy of your job description (if in a "principal-like" position).

5. Please note: A principal authorization is valid only as long as you are actively participating in an alternative preparation program. Should you withdraw or be dismissed from the program, the alternative program will submit a Change of Status form to CDE and your authorization will be expired.

6. One of the requirements for an Initial Principal License is that you have three or more years of licensed experience in a school. If you do not have this experience as a teacher or special services provider, you will need to remain in the program and serve under the principal authorization in order to accrue this experience.


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