Alternative Principal Licensure

Alternative Principal Licensure Program (APLP)               Eligible Participants
The alternative principal pathway describes how candidates obtain their alternative license. The alternative principal checklist guides candidates through the process. Alternative Licensure candidates must obtain an employment agreement with a Colorado public school as a principal in the endorsement area for which they are qualified. Alternatively licensed principals shall be evaluated under the same district and state requirements for licensed employees. 
The Mountain BOCES alternative program is a one (1) year principal preparation program of study and training approved to offer the candidate an initial principal license.
The candidate must hold a four year degree at a regionally accredited college or university. 
View the accepted regional institutional accrediting organizations.
View transcript requirements page.

Program cost:

$5,000 for candidates in the Mountain BOCES member districts. Additional costs  for travel if a candidate is employed at a distance from a Mountain BOCES field supervisor.
0-100 miles = $500
100-200 miles = $750
more than 200 miles = $1,000

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Link to the Colorado Department of Education:
Complete an Alternative Educator Preparation Program for Teachers or Principals

To be certain you are enrolled with Mountain BOCES alternative program (designated agency) you must send Joy Yudnich your Statement of Assurance (SOA). After you fill out the top section and your district fills out the middle section of the form, send to Joy to sign off on the bottom of the form. She will also need a copy of your signed contract from the school district in which you are employed.


Once completed, Joy will send the SOA back to you to upload to your online application for your alternative license.

Joy Yudnich, or 719-486-2603

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