Subscription Plan

Emergency Treatment and Transport Subscription Program Since 2008

Morgan County Ambulance Service Emergency Treatment and Transportation Subscription Program

The Emergency Treatment and transportation Subscription Program offers protection to you and your loved ones from large out of pocket expenses associated with medical transportation by an ambulance. A basic ambulance charge starts at $900.00 plus $23.00 per patient mile, before you know it you are well over $1,000.00.

Insurance providers maintain the right to deny payment to any ambulance service and/or assess large co­pays and deductibles. This could leave you with a huge unexpected bill. As a member of this subscription plan, you will reduce and in most cases eliminate out of pocket expenses.

That's right; if you’re insured, you will not be responsible for fees not covered by your insurance, including co­pay and deductibles (unless you have not reached your yearly deductible). It’s that simple. Un­insured members or members who’ve maxed out their coverage or have not met their yearly deductible will receive a 50% discount.

If you’re a subscriber and are transported by MCAS, all services determined by your insurance companies as “not medically necessary” (or that exceed your coverage), will be billed at a lower rate (50% less) for subscribers, while a non­subscribers will be responsible for the total charge. In addition to the increases in healthcare, there have been drastic cuts by insurance providers for the services and treatments they’ll reimburse. Did you know that unless you have additional coverage, your auto insurance no longer pays medical bills if you’re injured in an accident? Also, your health insurance is covering less and less which puts a financial burden on you.