Special District Measures 6A and 6B regarding the proposed Morgan County Recreation District

Morgan Strong Ballot Questions – Information

The proposed Morgan County Park and Recreation District will be a County-wide District. All Morgan County electors are eligible to vote on the issues of formation of the District, the initial Board of Directors, and debt (Questions 6A and 6B), except for owners or residents of the following properties:

  1. All properties of 40 acres or more that are zoned and used as agricultural land were automatically excluded pursuant to state law; and
  2. All properties that requested to be excluded were excluded by the Board of County Commissioners as part of the approval of the service plan.  If you’re unsure whether your property was granted an exclusion, a list of the excluded properties is attached to the BOCC Resolution approving the Service Plan. (A link to this document is provided below.)

All Morgan County electors may vote on the County’s sales tax question to fund the Recreation District (Question 1A), as the sales tax will be imposed by Morgan County.  If you live within Morgan County, but your property is excluded from the Recreation District, you will see Question 1A, but not Questions 6A and 6B, on your ballot.  If you live within Morgan County and your property is included within the proposed Recreation District, your ballot will have all three ballot issues related to the Recreation District, Questions 1A, 6A, and 6B. 

If you have further questions regarding the ballot questions concerning the formation of the District, the initial Board of Directions, or Questions 6A or 6B, please contact Morgan Strong (www.morganstrong.org) or to Morgan Strong’s Designated Election Officer, Crystal Schott, at 303.986.1551.


LINK TO DOCUMENT - This document contains the following:

  • Resolution approving the Modified Service Plan for Morgan County Park and Recreation District and Excluding Property from the District
  • Service Plan for Morgan County Park & Recreation District
  • Boundary Map
  • Capital Plan
  • Financial Plan
  • Sales Tax Revenue Bonds (Revenue & Debt Service Schedules)
  • Excluded Properties List
  • Letters from Municipalities