Planning Commission

The Morgan County Planning Commission consists of seven members with two alternates appointed by the Board of County Commissioners. The term of office is for three (3) years.

The Planning Commission members are primarily concerned with land use planning. They must consider not only those factors related to an individual parcel of land, but also how the use of the land affects the surrounding area and the community as a whole.

The Planning Commission meets at 7:00 p.m. on the 2nd Monday of each month. The meetings are located in the Morgan County Administration Building, 231 Ensign Street, Fort Morgan, CO in the Commissioners’ Assembly Room – Floor B.

Mike Bailey
Clayton Miller
Nathan Troudt
Terry Rutenbeck
Pete Mercer
Robert Pennington
Mike Erker
Allyn Wind (Alternate)
Dave Musgrave (Alternate)

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

NOTICE - Agendas are posted on the web as a convenience to the public.  To view agendas in the county's approved posting location, please visit the Morgan County Administration Building, 231 Ensign Street, Fort Morgan, CO - Floor B. 

June 10, 2019 Agenda Minutes posted upon approval
May 13, 2019 Agenda Minutes posted upon approval
April 8, 2019 No Meeting  
March 11, 2019 Agenda Minutes
February 11, 2019 No Meeting  
January 14, 2019 Agenda Minutes
December 10, 2018 Agenda Minutes
November 2018 No Meeting  
October 2018 No Meeting  
September 17, 2018 Agenda Minutes
August 13, 2018 Agenda Minutes
July 9, 2018 Agenda Minutes
June 18, 2018 Agenda Minutes
June 11, 2018 Agenda Minutes
May 14, 2018 Agenda Minutes
March 12, 2018 Agenda Minutes
February 12, 2018 Agenda Minutes
January 2, 2018 Agenda Minutes
December 11, 2017 Agenda Work Session Only
November 13, 2017 Agenda Minutes
October 16, 2017 Agenda Minutes
September 11, 2017 Agenda Minutes
August 21, 2017 Agenda Minutes
August 14, 2017 Agenda Minutes
July 10, 2017 Agenda Minutes
June 12, 2017 Agenda Minutes
May 8, 2017 Agenda Minutes
April 10, 2017 Agenda Minutes
March 13, 2017 Agenda Minutes


Planning Commission Calendar