Cadet Program

MISSION STATEMENT: The Cadet program is designed to provide insight into the field of pre-hospital emergency medicine. Cadets become part of a new generation of emergency medical technicians and will support the future of emergency medicine in our community.

The Morgan County Ambulance Service Cadet Program was established by the Morgan County Ambulance Service in an attempt to demonstrate the dedication, collaboration and team work it takes to provide professional emergency medical response. The Cadet Program provides a great opportunity for those interested in moving towards a life-long career.

Cadet Program Pledge

  1. We will provide the basic foundation from which interested people can obtain support in seeking a career opportunity as an emergency medical technician.
  2. We will make every attempt to provide a positive, non-threatening and educational environment for our Cadets.
  3. We will provide youth services to the local communities.
  4. We'll provide a sense of awareness about health matters as well as illness/injury prevention that Cadets can take with them into the community.
  5. We will give Cadets an opportunity to witness first hand, patient interaction and treatment modalities, educationally demonstrating pre-hospital management of the sick and injured.
  6. We will give Cadets an active, yet limited role in patient management providing them an opportunity for self-evaluation.
  7. We will assist in providing certification, training and continued education for active members of the Cadet Program.

Cadet Program - Frequently Asked Questions: