2018 Morgan County Severe Weather Event Informational Page

Morgan County Severe Weather Incident July 29, 2018
(Updated 8/1/18 at 4:00 p.m.- Scroll down through the General Information Section to see newest updates.)

Resolution No. 2018 BCC 25 - A Resolution Declaring a Local Disaster Resulting from a Severe Weather Event on July 29, 2018

To assit in accurately assessing damages, please report any personal or business damages to storm@co.morgan.co.us and include the following information:

  • Name
  • Physical Address
  • Damage Description (include primary residence, outbuildings, equipment, vehicles, etc.)
  • Indicate if you have contacted your insurance carrier
  • Note any special assistance needed (i.e. locating missing animals, etc.)
  • Photos - include any photos that may help with damage assessment

Residential Demolition - Effective 8/1/18

For any residential residence that requires complete demolition and will be disposed of at the Morgan County Landfill, please fill out the following form and return it to the scale house at the landfill.  (This does not pertain to residential repairs - only if the entire residence is being disposed of.)

Asbestos Issues

Do you have questions regarding asbestos issues?  Click here for information regarding asbestos and other informational links.

Notice from the Morgan County Planning & Zoning Department

  • Morgan County Planning & Zoning Department

The recent damage from extreme weather events in Morgan County may attract storm chaser contractors that may take advantage of those that have sustained damage resulting from the storms. All contractors in Morgan County are required to have a Contractor License issued by the Planning and Zoning Department of Morgan County. In order to receive a license the contractor must provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance issued by their insurance carrier. Morgan County strongly recommends that citizens impacted by the recent storm events call Planning and Zoning at 970-542-3526 to verify the contractor has a license.

Forms and permits required by Morgan County can be located at the following web address:
Visit this page for contractor licensing applications, building permits, roofing permits, etc.

            Call the Planning and Zoning Department to verify whether work to be done requires permitting at 970-542-3526.

General Information

  • Morgan County residents, please proceed with caution in the communities of Brush, Snyder, and Hillrose with down powerlines.  Safety First!
  • Red Cross can be reached at 800-824-6615 for assistance 24 hours
  •  Red Cross for donations www.redcross.org/donate
  • Safety concerns – do not drive around barricades.  Stay away from any power lines that are down.
  • Road Closures (Updated 7/31/18 - 2:00 PM)
    • CR 30 - from CR T.5 to CR U  (Reopened 7/31/18 2:00 pm)
    • CR 31 - from CR W.7 to CR AA
    • CR 33 - from CR G to CR K  (Reopened 7/31/18 2:00 pm)
    • CR 33 - from CR W.5 to AA  (Reopened 7/31/18 11:00 am)
    • CR K - east of Hwy 71 to CR 36  (Reopened 7/31/18 2:00 pm)
    • CR T.5 - from CR 29 to CR 30  (Reopened 7/31/18 2:00 pm)
    • CR V - from Hwy 71 to CR 30
    • CR W - from Hwy 6 to Hwy 71  (Reopened 7/30/18 3:45 pm)
    • CR W.5 - from CR 27 to CR 28.5 (Reopened - Use Caution 7/31/18 2:00 pm)
    • CR W.5 - from CR 32 to CR 33  (Passable - Use Caution 7/31/18 10:30 am)
    • CR W.7 - from Hwy 31 to Snyder  (Reopened 7/31/18 11:00 am)
    • CR X - 1/4 mile east of Hwy 71  (Reopened 7/31/18 11:00 am)
    • HWY 6 - at CR W  (Reopened 7/30/18 4:30 pm)
  • Morgan County Landfill Hours - The Morgan County Landfill will resume regular business hours effective Monday, August 6, 2018.  Visit the Morgan County Landfill Page for business hours listings.
    Immediately report and contact your insurance agent with any damages before removal to the landfill.
  • REA customers may contact 970-867-5688 to report power outages or down lines/poles.
  • The City of Brush! is requesting citizens, if able to help with the cleanup by bringing tree branches to the empty lot across from the City of Brush garages, south of the Post Office at 115 Carson St.
  • Citizens can also contact this link for resources and information.   https://211colorado.communityos.org/zf/profile/service/id/1936613
  • Hillrose Residents - Branches can be dropped off on the southwest corner of the sewer lagoon during regular business hours.

Additional Updates posted 7/30/18 6:15 PM

  • The City of Brush! has all non-essential personnel working clean-up on the east side of town, where the heaviest of the damage occurred. The City of Fort Morgan has been assisting in the clean-up, which we thank them for!
  • The City of Brush! has requested no outside watering until further notice due to the current use of our emergency water reserves, and the work being done in getting electricity running up to full capacity at the pumps for our water wells.
  • Brush residents Xcel Energy is still working on restoration of electricity for all customers, but we recommend those without power to anticipate another night with no electricity.
  • Brush residents, if you are able, bring branches to the empty lot south of the post office. This is a service currently provided for City of Brush! residents only. If you have a large load, please contact City Hall to receive information on where to take the load (842-5001). Please do not put branches in the alley, as that blocks vehicle passage. Trash service has not been interrupted and is being provided according to the normal schedule.
  • Please take caution if you are hiring contracts for any repairs.

Additional Updates posted 7/31/18 3:30 PM

  • Snyder Residents – The Snyder Bible Church has graciously given permission for Morgan County to place roll off dumpsters on their property.  Please be respectful of church property and we thank them for the use of space.
    • Storm Debris only in dumpsters
    • No tree branches/limbs in dumpsters
    • Morgan County Commissioners are negotiating a location for tree branches/limbs.
    • Dumpster will be removed Monday – August 6th in the morning.
  • Electricity has been restored to the City of Brush! water system, therefore the water restriction has been lifted.
  • Xcel Energy has make great progress in restoring power to it's customers, and should have service within the hour. Since 17:00 yesterday, 6,971 customers have experienced an outage. 4,507 have had a momentary outage, and 2,464 experienced a momentary outage. They have restored power to 4,495 customers or 99.7% Since the tornadoes occurred, Xcel received 107 orders, replaced 35+ poles, numerous cross arms, and replaced or repaired several miles of overhead conductor.
  • Continue to bring tree debris to the empty lot south of the Post Office on Cameron St. Due to limited resources, this is for City of Brush! residents only. For contractors and larger loads of tree cleanup, please contact City Hall (842-5001) to be told where you can dispose the debris.
  • As residents are cleaning up their yards, we encourage them to check their sprinkler system as sprinkler heads could have been damaged by the branches that fell and have been moved around, and any vehicles that were brought onto the property for cleanup.
  • As repairs are done to fences and roofs from the storm, a reminder that any new or replacement of fences or roofs, does require a permit, which you can get here at City Hall.

Additional Updates posted 8/1/18 4:00 PM

  • Snyder residents can deliver tree branches and limbs only to the County Property at W7 and 1st Street.
  • For your awareness, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief will be in the area contacting property owners for those needing assistance.  They will be wearing yellow shirts and have credentials.
  • The Red Cross evacuation center at the High School has closed, if assistance is needed call 1-800-824-6615.
  • Morgan County Government hotline numbers will be disconnected on August 3, 2018 at 4:00 pm.  (970-542-3533 and 970-542-3534)
  • Brush residents water restriction has been lifted.

Xcel Energy is listing their power outages at the following link: https://www.outagemap-xcelenergy.com/outagemap/?state=CO&_ga=2.210377042.653196097.1532922667-361945931.1532922667

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